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Poop Color

poop color changes with everything we eat.. and kid poop changes as they grow and their bodies mature and get used to ... Pebble-like poop...whats Wrong? ...

A Poop Question

My son never had "pebble" poop, yet he was terribly constipated. Trust your instincts and don't hesitate to get your pediatrician involved. ...

My 3Yr Old Son Swallowed a Quarter!

Seems a bit uncomfortable to poop out! Thank goodness it didn't get stuck. Helpful? .... pebble poop · son moms · your son will come out tomorrow ...

My Grandson Swallowed a marble....need Advice

My son swallowed a penny and they told us he would poop it out in a couple of days but it took .... poop story · pebble poop · my child swallowed a penny ...

Daughter Swallowed a pebble....PLEASE HELP!!!

On Monday, January 14, 2007 around 11pm, my daughter swallowed a pebble (i called it ... Honey, if she didn't poop it out by now she should be x rayed. ...

Potty Training

You had mentioned that he had a 'pebble' poop. If that is common for him, maybe he needs to drink more fluids during the day or eat more fiber. Best to you! ...

Natural Remedy for Constipation

Fun with Pooping and Prune Juice ... Pebble-like poop...whats Wrong? 64 · Seeking Advice on "Natural Laxitives" · 28. Report This. Comments: (optional) ...

Baby's Bowels

As long as the baby is not uncomfortable and the poop is normal (soft, not hard pebbles) there is nothing wrong. There is a difference between constipation ...

Supplementing Formula?

He definitely does not poop as much as he used to-maybe only once every other ... Another sign it's severe is blood from a tear and /or pebble-like stools. ...

Almost 9 Month Old with Severe Constipation

Thankfully the constipation cleared up after the painful poop on Monday morning. .... Otherwise, she has has the harder, pebble type BM's. ...
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