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Great Internet Sites for Kids

Depending on how old your children are, pbskids.org has a ton of educational games. Good luck and keep us posted on new ones you find! Thanks. ...

Good Online Computer Learning Games

Go to PBS Kids and there are lots of different character options and under each, .... There is also PBSkids.org that has stuff from their favorite TV shows. ...

Good Websites for 5 Yr-old

http://pbskids.org/sagwa/games/countdown/index.html · http://www. apples4theteacher.com/holidays/100th-day-of-sc. ...

School Aged Computer Usage

Every now and then I'll let my 4 year old get on PBSKids or Disney.com. ... I have bookmarked PBSkids.org, Starfall.com, Sesamestreet.org, and his Webkinz. ...

Is It Safe the Jump Start Website?

pbskids,org (so fun for them and very very safe). starfall.com, (very educational and great for kindergartens and first graders). Reggie Loves to Rhyme ...

Toddler Interested in Using Keyboard and mouse-What to Do?

My 2 and a half year old son loves pbskids.org and Disney.com has a ... Our favorite toddler sites are noggin, www.pbskids.org and www.starfall.com. ...

Need Help on to Get My 3Yr Old Son to Play by Himself

I set up icons on the screen, 1 with Noggin.com (which is a picture of himself as the icon), 1 with a STAR as the icon with will take him to PBSkids.com and ...

Looking for Fun & Educational Computer Games for 3 1/2 yr.old Boy

It sounds like pbs.kids and the reader rabbit games are everyones's favorites. .... Try pbskids.com. It has elmo and sesame street games. ...

Seeking Advice Re Letting a Baby Watch TV

Olivia will also take in the occasional Sesame Street or other PBS kids program when she is with her older (2 & 4 yo) cousins. My husband and my father both ...

Fun and Educational Websites for 6 Year Old

My 6 yr. old daughter loves sprout.com and pbskids.com, but we'd like some more variety. Please share websites that your kids enjoy!"
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  • reader rabbit games in 2 answers "Try the Reader Rabbit games. My 4 year old loves them."
  • cd roms in 3 answers "I also went to ebay and bought a whole lot of cd rom's to use for her."
  • amazing how fast in 2 answers "... and open noggin or sprout all by themselves it's pretty amazing how fast ..."
  • how to use the mouse in 2 answers "... little frustrating in the beginning when they are learning how to use the mouse ..."
  • leap frog in 2 answers "It is usually with the leap frog items."