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Seeking Advice Re Letting a Baby Watch TV

Olivia will also take in the occasional Sesame Street or other PBS kids ... They say NO TV for under 2 but I think that's super hard and no more than 15 ...

Teaching Sign Language

I just found out today that PBS shows a "Signing Time" kids program at 7:30 .... I did a lot more with my first because I had the time and by 15 months she ...

Children Movies,, Too Much?

I say PBS Kids is the best. Ya can't go wrong with sesame street and only let ... it was for kids and in the movie it says damn and other more adult things. ...

Good TV Shows for Kids

I try to limit TV to no more than an hour a day. All three of my kids love the ... 242)this plays all the childrens programming that you will find on pbs. ...

YOU On a Diet

I heard about it from a friend and then saw the program on PBS and it looks good and ... kids love it - which is a whole another huge bonus! ... Anyway, I'd love to tell you more, so if you're interested, feel free to email or to call! ...

"Not Interested" in Learning

Another really good show, I think, is called Super Why, on PBS. .... Not all kids are jazzed at the same time, some are more interested in learning right ...

3 Yr Old Worried About Death

The calmer and more matter of fact you can be about any explanations, the better . ... It starts with Caillou (character from PBS kids' TV) and his father ...

Fun Games

I recommend PBS and if you're interested in your child picking up 2nd ... But the other thing was to play way more than teach. The kids need to know that ...

Seeking Movie Ideas for Thoughtful 5 y.o. Boy Who Is Fearful of "Scary" Stuff

But he is becoming interested in more complex stories. And I just think that some of the dreck aimed at kids is garbage. A friend recommended "The Iron ...
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  • jay and silent bob in 2 answers "I mean anything, "jay and silent bob", thats nothin, last thanksgiving, my sister ..."
  • letter factory dvd in 2 answers "... knew all her letters and sounds which she learned from the letter factory DVD."
  • letter sound recognition in 2 answers "so pretty much they were at the same level of letter/sound recognition."
  • lady and the tramp in 6 answers "... Heavenly Dogs or Dog Heaven (something like that), Lady and the Tramp."
  • leap frog in 3 answers "I second the Leap Frog video Letter Factory."