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Looking for Good Websites for Printables...

I am looking for any good websites (besides Nick Jr, Disney, PBS The TV station ... Get ready to buy more ink! We use this site at the school where I work ...

Anyone Know of Any Sign Language Classes in Cary, N.C.

She has now knows all the basic signs, "more, milk, water, ball" to all of her colors, ... The series airs on PBS on Saturday or Sunday mornings also. ...

Diagnosing autism...my Friend Thinks She can...help

Read all 7 responses: "my friend saw a show on pbs and swears my daughter ... She is also stubborn and more than gives me a run for my money but does talk ...

Mom Looking for Good TV for My Kids

Some of the PBS kids shows are not "babyish" - Arthur, Word Girl, Cyberchase, ... there are many life lessons in the plot, it's more just for entertainment. ...

Advice on Toddler Not Talking Much Yet

It will only make you more nervous to know what other children are saying ... Super Y is a great program on PBS, really all the programs on PBS will help. ...

Television - Worst Shows

We actually banned PBS favorite Cailliou for a while because it seemed to ... It doesn't take much to be more than enough. And when I have my TRUE wits ...

My Son Is 21/2 and We Do Not Have Cable Anymore......

Oct 14, 2009 ... I will continue to not have cable, and weed out the more violant movies. ... Find your local PBS station and watch some of the morning ...

12 Month Old Being Afraid of Images on Some Kids Television Shows

I'm sure they take in a lot more than we realize. Helpful? .... PBS in the morning is usually the best!At least when my son was young. Helpful? ...

We Accidently Let Our Daughter Get Addicted to Caillou

Hope the PBS Monkey is off her back soon. They should have a mini 12 Step ... If he asked to watch any more I would just explain that he could see them ...

Computer Games to Get My 3 Year Old Interested In.

More Answers. M.Q. answers from Indianapolis on November 28, 2007 ... Does your daughter watch PBS shows? They have a website with activities for ...
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