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Baby Who Watches Cartoons

I starting putting it on PBS for him to watch Barney and sesame street and he will watch a few minutes in his walker then walk off and do something else! ...

Computer Games

We go to PBS.org and there are a lot of activities on there from shapes to ... There is an exceelent website sponsored by Sesame Street, its called the ...


We record educational shows, like Sesame Street and Word World (PBS) and he can watch these particular shows with permission at any time of the day, ...

Fun DVD for 2Yr Old

There is a Sesame Street DVD out that prepares kids for emergencies such as ... We also watch PBS shows in the morning: Curious George is great for a ...

Fun Educational Videos for Toddlers/kids When Traveling.

Also Sid the Science Kid PBS kids has a great assortment. .... For any other time, if you want to have a few videos, Sesame Street is great. ...

Need Advice: Is It Too Young for a 10 Month Old to Watch TV?

One time when she was here and I had on Sesame Street she was telling her son, ..... My daughter (21 months) watches the Noggin channel, Nick Jr., and PBS ...

My 2 Year Old LOVES Television

I wouldn't mind as much if he loved Sesame Street or some other educational ... Try a new show called Word World. its on PBs kids. we rented it from REDBOX, ...

Day Care Provider and TV

Even when my son, now 9, was an infant, he would enjoy watching Baby Einstein, Sesame Street and other PBS shows. That said, he is one of the most mellow, ...

My Son Is 21/2 and We Do Not Have Cable Anymore......

Oct 14, 2009 ... Find your local PBS station and watch some of the morning cartoons. .... Sesame Street, Blues Clues, Dora and Diego, and the list goes on. ...

Looking for a Fun and Engaging DVD for My Toddler

My daughter will only watch signing time, curious george (from PBS), .... My son loves them and sings along with the songs, Sesame street is also a sure win ...
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