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Part-time Job

Read all 15 responses: "Since the economy is awful and things are tight, I am looking for something to where I can be w/ my 8 1/2 month old daughter and ...

Looking for Work at Home Job.....

Read all 5 responses: "I am looking for any type of work from home job. ... I am looking for something that I can do part time maybe even full time. ...

Teenage Son Needs a Summer Job and Is Not Motivated

First 2 have part time jobs in summer. Work hard, save money, have learned a lot since being in the working world. My husband and I have..."

Expenses of a Teen with No Job

If your daughters schedule is too much for a part time job, maybe she needs to re-evaluate her priorities. A few well chosen after schhol activities will ...

Hard Time Finding Work

If you need a part-time, but still stay at home job OR if you need someone to work for you (run errands, light housecleaning, babysitting, pet sitting, etc. ...

I Think My Husband Needs Anger Management

In addition to operating his own business, he also has a part-time job delivering pizzas when business is slow. In the past, I have offered to get a ...

I Want to Work from Home! Please Help!

I work 2 part time jobs around my kids schedule. I work 2 days a week from 10-1 and 4 days a week from 10p-2a. The night shift job is killing me! ...

Is Anyone a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

I am sure there are part-time jobs for billing & coding, I haven't looked into that too much. I plan to go back and get my coding certificate in a year or ...

Rethinking "Full-Time"

I decided to take a part time job and its been a real blessing. Its given me the chance to get out of the house for 10-12 hours a week and not be "mom". ...

16 Year Old Son, Needs More Initiative, We Want Him to Be More Independent

Jul 20, 2009 ... Go get a part time job, or call friends, or WANT to do ANYTHING! Am I stressing over nothing, should I just let him mature at his own pace ...
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