paralyzed bowel

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Want to Sleep Through the Night

A.H. asks from San Antonio

My daughter is 23 months old and has slept through the night only a handful of times! She has struggled with ear infections and allergies. We just got her second set ...


Constipation in a Potty-training Toddler

S.P. asks from Seattle

Hello, My 2yr 9mos daughter is having trouble with constipation. She broke her leg last December and was in a full body cast for 6 weeks- her bowel habits have not be...


Spina Bifida

J.N. asks from Salt Lake City

At my last OB appointment, I had the screening test done for down syndrome & spina bifida. The doctor just called this afternoon that the levels for spina bifida were...


Seeking Info. from Women Who Have Had an Ovarian Cyst Burst.

T.N. asks from Minneapolis

I would love to hear what it was like from anyone who has ever had an ovarian cyst burst. Particularly if it happened quickly. I'm not really looking for info. from...


Has Any One Seen This Before

K.B. asks from Portland

After I gave birth to my daughter I had some major issues with my legs. my legs were numb and couldn't walk without collaspsing for about 2 & 1/2 after I gave before ...


3 Year Old Daughter W/ Frequent & Severe Vomiting

M.D. asks from Muncie

I was wondering if someone out there can help me. My daughter is 3 years old, and ever since this time last year has been in perfect health. She got a stomach virus...


Anyone Used a Chiropractor for Your Baby?

A.V. asks from Dallas

My daughter has chronic ear infections and her ped. recommended ear tubes. A neighbor recommended using a chiropractor. She said that they can cure the problem and ...


Inspiration for My Siblings Who Are Ill

K.B. asks from Minneapolis

I have three siblings, all who are sick :( My twin brother has prostrate cancer and is deciding on surgery or radiation; my older brother has lymphoma and multiple m...


Advice on C-section for a Friend

W.C. asks from Lexington

I have a girlfriend who is about 10 weeks away from her delivery, on full bedrest due to excessive blood pressure, and who has recently been told to plan for a C-sect...


Seeking Help with Back Problem

E.G. asks from Chicago

I am a senior citizen with a back problem that seems to be getting worse. I have had therapy that only works for a short while. I have had injections in my spine th...

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