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Wanting to Know If I Have Cancer

L.M. asks from South Bend

Does anyone know, will an upper G.I. show if you have cancer of the pancreas,stomach and intestines? Will it also show if you have gallstones? Thanks


Father with Cancer

C.K. asks from York

My father was recently diagnosed with esophogus (SP?) cancer and it spread to the liver. HE has been very sick and taking chemo since May...he actually started it th...


Fundraiser for a Friend with Terminal Cancer

H.R. asks from Tampa

a dear friend of ours has been battling cancer for a very long time shes recentl learned its now in her pancreas and bladder she has an opportunity to participate in ...


Will This Eventually Turn into Cancer?

T.R. asks from New Orleans

I've had Pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas, for about 5 years now, off & on. I feel it coming on, and usually adjust my eating to reduce the swelling and ot...


Encouragement or Gift for Aunt with Cancer

J.B. asks from St. Louis

We just found out this week that my aunt has stage 4 cancer in her spine, skull, liver, and pancreas. Prognosis is not good. She lives about 10 hours away, so a visit...


Second Opinion About Cancer Diagnosis

A.K. asks from Sacramento

Hi moms! This question is not about kids or motherhood, but I desperately need your help. My dear dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, stage 4. We want to get a ...


Does Getting a Vasectomy Increase Mens' Chances of Getting Prostate Cancer?

M.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I want my husband to get a vasectomy, but I heard that it can increase a man's chance of getting prostate cancer. Do any of you know if this is true? Th...


Help with Wording on Ultrasound Impression

L.F. asks from Detroit

Hello ladies. Can anyone please tell me what this means? My mom had an ultrasound done and she received this in the mail. It says "hepatomegaly with increased hepa...


Biopsy Results - Should I Be Concerned

J.B. asks from Chicago

I just had a colonsocpy with an upper gi endoscopy. I got the results that I had 3 polyps in my stomach and 2 in my esophagus. They said they had to send the biopsy...


I Need to Lose Weight Fast for a Wedding!

A.W. asks from Sarasota

Ok, I gained about 20 pounds the last 6 months due to cancer. I had my treatment, and the surgery...all is good! EXCEPT the fact that I gained 20 pounds because the c...

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