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5 Week Old Nurses for Hours at a Time

My husband and I have tried EVERYTHING to comfort him, pacifiers, swings, swaddling, etc. ... He's using you as a human pacifier. You've got to be sore! ...


Read all 18 responses: "Hello, SO I have a 6 month old little boy and for 5 1/2 months he did not take a pacifier so he got use to falling asleep with his ...

Tips on Breaking the Pacifier Habit

Read all 50 responses: "I have an 18 month old who loves his pacifier for sleeping and car rides. Our pediatrician recommends breaking the paci habit asap .

Advice for Getting Rid of Bottle and Pacifier

Read all 26 responses: "My son will be two in December and still takes a bottle at bedtime and insists on having his binky throughout the day.

Weaning Baby Who Won't Take Bottle, Sippy Cup, or Even Pacifier

Read all 4 responses: "I would like to wean my baby (11 m old) to cows milk, but he doesn't take bottle or sippy cup. I have been exclusively feeding him ...

My 2 Yr Old Still on Pacifier

Read all 6 responses: "My 2 year old (and 4 mos) son still sleeps with a pacifier and on weekends when I am home he uses it to sleep during the day and when ...

13 Month Old Using Fingers as a Teething Ring and Leaving Marks!

And she voluntarily gave up the pacifier a long time ago, when she was 3 months old, so I don't know why she ... Try pacifiers filled with frozen water :) ...

How Do You Really Clean a Pacifier?!

Read all 9 responses: "We don't have a dishwasher, so I have been washing my son's pacifiers every night in boiling water. No matter what I do (twist, dry, ...

Baby Will Not Take Pacifier

Read all 45 responses: "Hi, I am wondering if there are other mothers who have gone through the same situation as me - I am breastfeeding my 7 week old son, ...

5 Month-old Wakes up Looking for His Pacifier

Read all 6 responses: "Until now my son has always been a great sleeper. However , in recent weeks he gets upset at night (either between sleep cycles, ...
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  • paci fairy for other babies in 2 answers "... to a helium balloon and let him ship it away to the paci fairy for other babies ..."
  • cut the tip of the pacifier in 2 answers "We cut the tip of the pacifier. I remember the puzzled look on my son's face as he ..."
  • harder habit to break in 2 answers "... with something else (usually a finger/thumb) and that's a harder habit to break."
  • tried cutting the tip in 2 answers "I have an 18 month old that is in the same situation. I tried cutting the tip of ..."
  • started sucking her thumb in 2 answers "... on your pinky!! You will be trapped!! My daughter started sucking her thumb ..."