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My Daughters Are Constantly Fighting!

Have you Read the Toddlers Rules of Ownership? We have the "whoever is touching it rule" here. If your Brother has the toy don't touch it, when he puts it ...

Constantly Undermined and Disrespected

... I told her "you can do chore A or B, then you can watch a movie". and that gave her no room to complain or argue, it gave her a feeling of ownership. ...

Need Advice

... knowing that her "little girl" ('cause you know we're always their little girls) is a single mom and about to take on the wonders of home ownership, ...

Nanny Cries for Answers

Your sense of ownership is likely regarded as overbearing and .... To make a long story short, I had to ask myself what my ownership was in the feud. ...

Wanting to Buy a House, but How?

Home ownership can really be a great... it is usually a wonderful investment and gives you pride in ownership and a stable environment for your family. ...

Teenage Discipline

... sat or sun. we knew what to expect each week and felt some sort of ownership because we chose our praticular job. we would rotate every couple months or ...

Second Child Anxiety

It helps to refer to the baby as "our baby" not "my baby", then she feels like its hers too, toddlers love the sense of ownership! Some people say that you ...

Buy a House but Husband Doesn't Want Wife to Sign the Contract Together

Oct 30, 2009 ... I believe, since you are married, you will probably have half ownership of a home you live in, ... Your name on the deed gives you ownership to the home. ...

Moving Toddler to a Different Bed Upstairs Before New Baby Comes

I made it " his room" so he felt ownership...but I started all this and had him moved over completely about 3 months before my 2nd was born that way he ...

Book Suggestions?

I found the older child took on a greater interest in the care and well-being of the squalling baby when there was ownership involved. ...
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