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5 Yr. Old Daughter Starting Puberty

Good for you for switching to organic meat/dairy--but also get all organic ... send a note my way. her doctor was not much help. i know most kids don't get ...

Organic Raw Milk for Tots?

We used organic raw milk when we introduced milk to both our children, we chose not to introduce dairy until the kids were around two. ...

Whole Milk Vs. Organic Milk

My kids drink organic milk from trader joe's. Except when they have a cold, then I give them calcium enhanced orange juice. It cuts the mucus instead of ...

Organic Versus Regular

I was wanting to find out the difference of organic baby food versus regular. Can someone shed some light on this for me. When my other two kids were little ...

When Juice Doesnt Need to Be Watered Down

My kids are organic kids. There is a clear reason why your son isn't tolerating Capri Sun's very well. I would switch back to organics and see if his poop'n ...

Looking for Farmers Market in Pearland

I am looking for a farmers market or any market where I can find organic fruits and veggies. ... My kids are on a special diet restricing wheat(gluten). ...

Sunscreen and Bug Spray?? HELP

I used mosquito netting over my kids stroller and carriers to keep the bugs away I ... I have used herbal otdoor spray an organic product by Thera Neem for ...

Affordable Non-toxic Twin Mattress

I purchased our organic non-flame retardant crib mattresses at Rockridge Kids. We are happy with them and they were RELATIVELY reasonable. ...

Seeking Organic Baby Wash/Shampoo

Is anyone aware of any organic baby wash/shampoo product that is cheaper? ..... Looking for an All Natural or Organic Baby Wash for My Kids ...

Mosquito Repellents That Are Safe for Kids

ita about not wanting to use chemicals on my kids. we are all organic, both food and products. however, deet is the best repellent for a variety of types of ...
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