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Vitamin C Sensitivity

All my kids were sensitive to citrus fruits (oranges, strawberries, etc) and ... There was one woman in her 50's who could not eat strawberries, oranges, ...

8 Month Old Is Constipated What Can I Give Here

You might check with your dr. before you give oranges to your baby, because I ... I just buy the canned mandarin oranges. I still give them to him everyday ...

Snack Ideas for Preschool

Some suggestions: Oranges, popcorn, bananas and crackers, dried cranberries (I .... My son is allergic to orange juice so we never brought that as a drink. ...

Looking for Really Good Produce!

I brought him a bag of oranges one time and said 'you may want to pull these' ( because two of the oranges inside with covered with mold) he said 'oh those ...

9 Month Old Lunch Ideas

madarin oranges are a wonderful fruit since they are so soft and he is ... He gets either yogurt or mandrine orange segments(from the can) for dessert. ...

18 Month Old Constipated

My kids oranges works wonders! I keep some of the canned ones on hand as the fresh ones aren't ... My kids all get looser stools with mandarin oranges too. ...

Healthy Snacks for Kid's Soccer Team

Most parents have brought fruit to snack on at half-time (like sliced oranges, sliced apples & grapes). After the game, they typically give something more ...

My 8 Year Old Daughter Is Having Tantrums Still.

Or you could say something like, "do you smell oranges? I smell oranges...Can you see if there are some oranges around here?" I know this sounds crazy, ...

Constant Hunger Pains

If it sounds good, eat lots of fruit- especially oranges. I ate about three oranges a day in the beginning of both pregnancies and later realized that they ...

Breakfast for 17 Month Old

I give my kids sliced bananas or those little manderine oranges that are ... I have given her sliced bananas, peaches, pears, oranges, and applesauce. ...
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  • 1 tsp to every once of liquid in 2 answers "I used dark Karo syrup, 1 tsp to every once of liquid when she had problems when she ..."
  • dark karo syrup in 4 answers "I have even gone and put 1 tablespoon of dark karo syrup in her formula (or put breastmilk ..."
  • scrambled eggs with cheese in 2 answers "My 17 month old loves scrambled eggs with cheese and a little bit of salsa."
  • bagels with cream cheese in 2 answers "... and cheese and slice the rolls into pinwheels. Mini bagels with cream cheese ..."
  • gerber meat sticks in 2 answers "Cheese is good too. The gerber meat sticks look gross but my kids liked them as well."