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Baby Shower Ideas...

J.J. asks from Dallas

hi guys, my favorite peeps. :) i'm a procrastinor to say the least. i gotta come up w/2 games at my (very boring) friends baby shower next wknd. i know i sound me...


Book Suggestions for Parenting Teenagers

L.S. asks from San Francisco

I'm wondering if any of you have a favorite book or two to recommend to others on parenting teenagers? My area of interest/expertise is infants/toddlers, and I've ...


Disney World Info

J.C. asks from Lake Charles

I am wanting to take my 5 year old daughter to Disney World in Florida, sometime in January 2011. She will be 6 then. I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on ...


Toys for Toddlers

E.S. asks from Austin

Hi, I have a very busy 21 month old boy... I would like to ask all the moms of toddlers, "what is your toddlers favorite toy?" Everytime, i buy a learning toy or ju...


What Should We Play?

T.Y. asks from San Angelo

My son has just turned 17 months old. I sometimes feel like he gets bored when he plays. Well he isn't really bored, but I am just wanting some new ideas for activiti...


"Where Do Babies Come From" D. B.

D.B. asks from Lake Charles

My 8 year old son has been asking me lately, where do babies come from. He says he knows that the baby comes out of the womans stomach, but how does the baby get in t...


Moms Experienced at Selling Houses

C.S. asks from Miami

I've never had to sell my house with kids, a indoor / declawed cat, and a buyers market before. So, anyone who has experienced, or those who might work in real estat...


Step Daughter? (Blended Family Problems)

G.K. asks from Springfield

Hello all! I'm new to this website. A friend told me about it and I thought I would give it a go! A little background info-I have a blended family. I have a 20 year o...


Need Advise on Adopting Older Children

T.B. asks from Atlanta

My husband and I are adopting 3 children (2 boys ages 4 & 5, 1 girl age 12). They have been in foster care for 3 years and been placed with several different foster ...


Mother's Day/My Birthday

H.S. asks from Johnson City

For most of my life, my (May 9th) birthday has fallen extremely close to Mother's Day. My husband and I have been together for 6 years. We have a 2 year old son, an...

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