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Travel Coffee Mug

J.P. asks from Chicago

Do you love your coffee mug? I need something insulated, preferably leak proof, fits into a car cupholder, and isn't expensive. Is there such thing?


Gift Card Amount

J.G. asks from Chicago

We are going to a bday party and I'm not sure how much to spend on a gift card. The host said no gifts but when we were talking about simple living, I mentioned her r...


What Do I Tell Her?

C.L. asks from Abilene

My 5 year old daughter has been asking how her new baby brother is going to "come out" of mommies tummy. What do I tell her?? So far I have been avoiding the question...


What to Pack for Disney World??? 1St Timer:-)

S.T. asks from Philadelphia

Hello, Ladies it's me again needing more advice. My husbands brother called us today and said "Hey my wife and I decided to renew or vowels in Disney World on Jul...


Tampons!!! (Continued)

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

Ok only 1 more question on this. What do doctors think about tampons? Do they think that you are allowed to use them when you are comfitorable to? The reason I am a...


Gift Card Vs. Gift

A.R. asks from Boston

Hi moms, My husband and I have ongoing debates as to whether gift cards are better than actual gifts. He prefers gift cards, saying that the recipient may not like o...


Need to Motivate My Students. Thoughts?

G.♣. asks from Springfield

I teach Remedial Math to college students ... mostly 18 & 19 year olds. I'm desperate. For some reason my students are just not doing well this semester. Some ar...


Experience with Abuterol

C.C. asks from Los Angeles

Being aware of the side effects, can Abuterol be given on a as needed basis or does it have to build up in the system? I feel that the baby doesnt get anything with t...


Disneyland in CA - What's the Scoop?

M.R. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms ~ We will be taking our kids (3 & 6) to Disneyland in CA over the Thanksgiving break. I've ordered the DVD planning guide and am scouring the web site fo...


Gassy Baby

D.W. asks from Los Angeles

My little girl is almost 4 weeks old. She farts a lot. I get gas fairly regularly too, but hers seems to be bothering her. It even seems to wake her up sometimes. ...

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