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Online Games for Toddlers

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

I am wondering if anyone knows of some good websites with online games for toddlers. My almost 3 year old daughter wants to play on the computer but I can never find...


Seeking Online Reading Help That Do Not Cost Much for a 5 Year Old

C.H. asks from Fort Myers

my youngest son is really behind were I think he should be in reading.I let him play on the web hopeing it will help so now i was thinking aboue buying an online prog...


Looking to Get Out of a Contract and Needing Help

S.A. asks from Kansas City

Hello All, I stupidly sign a contract with an alarm company called Icon Security. Since June 17 the system has worked three days and the damn thing is not working...


My Nine Year Old Son Was Googling "Naked Ladies"

J.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms, Yesterday I saw that my son had googled "naked ladies" on my laptop. He was on my computer when I walked in and he quickly got out of a screen. I was...


TV Everywhere Question

G.B. asks from Oklahoma City

Simple.... What is it? How do you use it on a computer or tablet? If you have a cable account and are paying the monthly fee can you get the regular cable TV...


Looking for a Source to Create Hardback Photo Book and Board Book

R.P. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all, Has anyone used any of the online sources to make a hardback book or board book? I've looked at a ton of websites (e.b. Blurb, Viovio, Mypublisher...) but...


Mamapedia - This Website Vs. Mamapedia - the Facebook Page

S.H. asks from St. Louis

Members: are you aware that the content we post on this website is also used on Mamapedia's Facebook page? (okay, so that's my official question.) For those of u...


Internet Font Size

D.N. asks from Chicago

My kids are allowed to go online for an hour a day to play on some games and also social games. They did something to the font this past week. It is very large and ...


Home Employment

M.B. asks from Atlanta

I just recently had my second child. So now that he is 10 months old I would like to make a little extra money. Can any one help me find a job that I can work from ...


Just So Nervous :(

M.V. asks from New York

Hi Moms - I am having a uterine biopsy done later today and am kind of having a panic attack over it. My gyn said it is recommended for women who have heavy periods ...

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