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Does Anyone Here Have Any Autistic Children?

She may need one on one care to progress properly. ... Two of the children in my care are autistic and one is high on the spectrum and the other is low on ...

Biters at Day Care

I took my kid out of that day-care and was then told in the new one that the kid should have been kicked out , depending on the bite , there may be been ...

Help! Panicked About Day Care

If you don't feel completely comfortable with the child care arrangement don't bring ... One idea to consider as an alternative is to hire a nanny (college ...

Crime & Housing

I don't know much about Durham and realize you have one care but we live in Hillsborough and love it! Its a great little town with lots of character. ...

Too Young for Daycare

I think because I know that no matter how good they are, he just isn't getting the personal one-on-one care he needs at this age. What do you guys think? ...

Would You Allow a Teenager to Care for Your Children During Summer Break?

She wants to start doing day care over summer break for younger ... One thing to take into consideration are the laws in Georgia concerning childcare. ...

Naperville OB GYN Recommendations

He is great dr just him in the practice you get the same nurse and receptionist, that one on one care. His name is Dr. Feingold ###-###-####. Helpful? ...

Getting Used to Daycare -- 13 Months Old

I know how hard it is to leave your little one at all in the care of someone who isn't you. My son didn't adapt well to daycare so, I found a way to pay my ...

Tips for Helping 13-Month-old Cope with Separation Anxiety

If anyone can share tips or advice on helping kids make a transition from one-on -one care to a daycare center at this age, I would really appreciate it! ...

Finding a Church Home with Heart for "Special Needs"children

They also have a class called "Special Friends" and children that need a little extra love and attention are given one on one care. ...
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