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Seeking Advice from Any Women Who Has Had Mirena (IUC) Birth Control Done.

My OB/GYN's nurse said she bled for too long on the Mirena and had it taken out. .... Seeking Advice About the MIRENA Birth Control - M. A ...

Trying to Get Pregnant 3Rd Time

We too are going for #3, we have a 3yo and 5 yo. I haven't been on birth control for ... How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant After Stopping Birthcontrol? ...

Hormones Out of Control

I think for some women, this type of birth control and the hormones it produces, .... Don't wait too long. Get to a doctor sooner if you have to. ...

Mirena/Birth Control Decision Help with Anxiety

Aug 12, 2009 ... I too had some issues with feeling bad on birth control. ... and the spotting can last long enough to be a bit annoying, but I guess it's ...

Implantion or Just Spotting While on Birth Control??

I have been on birth control since my 2nd son was born in 2006. ... But to be sure, maybe just do a pregnancy test cause I have heard of that too! ... but that only works if you have an irregular cycle and a long luteal phase. ...

Do Birth Control Pills Really Make It Harder to Lose Weight?

I've also heard from some friends BC pills can make you gain weight too! ... you exercising at least 5 times a week/breaking a long heavy sweat...high heart rate ? ... For the 3 years I was on birth control I gained 10 lbs each year! ...

Twins Soon After Discontinuing Birth Control?

Please let me know (sorry its so long) Thank you! Respond to Question ... My sister ended up with twins soon after discontinuing her birth control pill, ... I've read about this before, too. It's called the "rebound effect. ...

Birth Control and Breastfeeding

Read all 11 responses: "Can anyone suggest a good birth control method ... and milk supply and baby are doing just fine (libido is fine too). ... As long as I drink lots of water and get some sort of rest, I am good to go. good luck. ...

Birth Control Options - IUD Vs. Depo?

My doctor said the Mirena was keeping my uterine lining TOO thin, which was what caused the spotting. .... What Is the Best Form of Birth Control? ...

Endometriosis and Lupron Injections for Pain

I would be very careful about staying on Lupron for too long, but it does help. Have you tried birth control pills? If they will manage your symptoms it ...
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