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15 Year Old Son Is Trying to Control

Just because your son is a young man doesn't mean he's not your child. Remind him of his boundaries .... Men learn how to treat women by watching older men. ...

Is Age an Issue for You?

I am a 42yearold mom with a 3yearold and 21monthold Age doesnt have anything to do with whom I socialize but sometimes younger women seem to be put off by ...

Advice for a 40 Year Old Thinking About Having a Baby

Clearly, both older and younger moms have opinions about each other and who makes a .... I thought that was something that only "older women" went through. ...

Young Children Singing Grown-up Lyrics

Aug 28, 2009 ... Young Children Singing Grownup Lyrics. My 8year old has a lot of ... does not set a very good exmaple for young women But then again may ...

Daycare Baby Calling All Women Mom?

His mother is very young and on occassion to help her out we keep him overnight. ..... mrs mom · older women younger men · female baby names meanings ...

Tubal Ligation

Sep 25, 2009 ... In women 34 years of age or older, none of the differences between ... risk of pregnancy after sterilization, particularly in younger women. ...

Seeking Help with a 17 Year Old Live in Stepdaughter!

You guys can try counseling but the last thing you want to do is let this affect your ... Hi T., This young woman is doing fine physically, socially and ...

Pregnant and 46

The statistics are heavily skewed because "younger" women will abort when they find out they have an abnormal pregnancy and older women usually wanting a ...

Okay to Try for 2Nd Child at 41 Years Old . . .?

Read all 5 responses: "Hello, I'm a 41 year old mom. ... be the oldest mom but to my surprise there are lots of women in their 40s with small children. ... In fact, I think having a young child (my daughter is now 4) keeps me young! ...

Are We Getting Older or Lamer? or Both??!?

Years ago, when my kids were younger, I formed a neighborhood women's .... It is so difficult to find that perfect combo as we get older and have children. ...
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