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Your Book Ideas for 13-Year-old Who Loves "Little Women" & "Anne" Books

L.R. asks from Washington DC

Hi, Mamas (and Papas), My daughter, 13 and an avid reader, particularly likes books by L.M. Montgomery ("Anne of Green Gables" and all it sequels and everything else...


Two Women Got Their Feelings Hurt and It May Destroy Our School.

T.S. asks from San Antonio

Can you Mamapedia Mamas give me some good advice on this? I made a new account because I want objective advice and I don't want the school's reputation damaged. We c...


Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus?? Need Your Secrets to a Happy Marriage

S.H. asks from Dallas

Without getting into a loooooooong story, I really need some advice about something going on in my family. My brother and SIL have been married for a year and they h...


What to Do in Portland for a Group of Women in February

M.W. asks from Billings

I am traveling to Portland Oregon at the end of February for a conference. I will traveling with 4 other women and we need something to do for one day. I think we ...


Women's Group for Middle Age.

J.L. asks from Atlanta

Hi Ladies, thanks for all your response re: place to worship. I don't mean to sound pityful, but I feel that way sometimes. my kids are grown, on their own, doing ver...


Any Other Women Have Trouble Conceiving After the Pill?

R.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. I'm 28 years old, and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I took the birth control pill (Ortho Tri-Cyclen) for about 7 years. I finished my last pack ...


Looking for Women That Have Had a Hysterectomy

T.T. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi, I am a 34 yr old single mom who has had a partial hysterectomy two yrs ago. I was wondering if any women have experienced any changes in their life due the surge...


Other Women That Went Through a D&C

J.G. asks from Omaha

Hi, I recently went to my first pre-natal appointment and the baby did not have a heartbeat. My doctor gave me a couple of options but felt since the baby was mea...


Boys in Women's Locker Room

J.T. asks from New York

First, I have no problem with really little ones because they don't notice and comment on differences. But seriously, yesterday at the pool some lady had her son who...


Women with Body Modifications

G.B. asks from Roanoke

My 17 year old left her computer at home (how rare!) and I went through her files. She has a list of tattoos she wants! She will be 18 in october, has a job, and I wo...

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