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Breastfed Baby Won't Take Bottle

R.S. asks from Albany

I breastfeed my 16 week old and he refuses to take a bottle. I've tried both pumped breastmilk and formula. The pediatrician recommended having someone besides me t...


How to Get Baby to Take a Bottle

J.H. asks from Providence

Hello, I have a 4mth old son who is having a lot of trouble weening from the breast. I have tried tons of different bottles, have done half formula/half breastmilk, ...


Adiri Bottle

N.S. asks from New York

Hello. I bought an adiri bottle b/c my son won't drink from a bottle. Still no luck, but trying everyday with the bottle. My question is, how do you put the milk in t...


Baby Wont Take to a Bottle

M.W. asks from Boston

okay, my baby girl leah is 10 weeks old she is breastfed i have been trying to get her to take to the bottle so i can go back to work and so her nana and all could ta...


How Do I Get My Baby to Take a Bottle?

J.G. asks from Buffalo

I have been nursing my baby for over 4 months. I am trying to get her on formula but she wont take the bottle. I have given her a few bottles before (with breast mi...


Baby Wont Take Bottle

K.J. asks from Chicago

My daughter took a bottle a few times with no problems when she was 3 or 4 weeks old. She is now almost 3 months old. I was supposed to go back to work next week but ...


4 Month Old Baby Won't Take Bottle

L.R. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! I have a 4 month old baby that will not take a bottle from me. If she even knows I am around she won't take the bottle from anyone. I have just started some ri...


Baby Bottle Rot?

N.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I am trying to Wean my almost 16 month old daughter. But she always seems to fall asleep at the breast, I am concerned about baby bottle tooth decay. I was curious ...


Baby Wants Bottle Not Breast

I.T. asks from Denver

Baby and I started out great with breastfeeding. She latched on just fine and was a good eater. I started to pump when she was about 4 weeks old so that my husband co...


Breastfeeding Baby Won't Take Bottle

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hello supporters! I have a 3 month old baby who really struggled with breastfeeding initially. He couldn't latch on without a nipple shield. We used a nipple shiel...

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  • la leche league in 2 answers "Call your La Leche League right away or a lactation consultant."
  • bottle of pumped milk in 2 answers "... to work with my last baby, the first day he took only one bottle of pumped milk ..."
  • nipple confusion in 3 answers "Do not offer her the bottle. Nipple confusion is real and can affect your breastfeeding."
  • feel your pain in 3 answers "I feel your pain.... this may not make it any better for you, but this is what happened ..."
  • browns bottles in 3 answers "My little one has now graduated onto the Dr. Brown's bottles."