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Ideas for Drawing Out Venom from Stings and Bites (Other than Baking Soda Paste)

If you grab the stinger and pull, it pumps more venom into the bite. .... melaleuca oil and it's great to get rid of pain from bee stings and bug bites. ...

Allergic Red Blotches from Amoxicillan

The products I use have tea tree oil in them and that acts as a germicide and fungicide. Now for the blotches: I use a ... heat pumps · new york theatre ...

Taking Diflucan While Breastfeeding

I had to pump, and when my son got the milk that I had pumped while I had the infection, he also got it, was treated and all is fine now. ...

Nothing to Pump After Feeding

D.Y. asks from Phoenix

From the very beginning, after a feeding, I would pump and not get a lot of milk. There were days I was lucky to pump 1oz. After a while I wasn't even pumping that ...


Castor Oil - Has Anyone Tried It to Induce Their Labor?

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

I am 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant (2nd pregnancy). I had my membranes stripped last Friday. At that time I was a good 3cm dilated and 60% effaced. I labored all week...


Breast Pump Question

K. asks from Indianapolis

Okay so I have a problem. My son is 4 weeks old and I have been breastfeeding with no problem. I have to go back to work soon and started pumping and now my breasts h...


Cleaning Wipes for Breast/nipple and for Medela Pump Parts and Storage Bags

N.B. asks from New York

Hi, I'm stocking up for breastfeeding supplies and wanted to know... Do I have to use the cleansing pads specifically sold to clean your breast before breastfeeding...


Medela Manual Breast Pump

C.J. asks from McAllen

Hi, we were going to buy an electric, but spent too much on the baby clothes and decor. So now I have this manual one. The baby isn't born yet, but I heard you could ...


Going Back to Work Need Advice on Breast Pump.

R.M. asks from Austin

Hello ladies, I am going back to work after 8 months of being at home with my boy. He was exclusively breastfed and I am planning on keep on doing it as long as I c...


Seeking Breastfeeding Moms Who Have Returned to Work

M.B. asks from Miami

I REALLY want to cntinue BF'ing after going back to work. I have a Medela pump and am starting to pump. My son still eats every 3 hours (or sooner at times). How do I...

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