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Do You Help the Homeless?

A.M. asks from Fort Wayne

As we were going through the drive-thru yesterday there was a girl in her mid to late 20's and had a sign that read "hungry & broke...anything will help." I was plann...


Homeless People and Beggars

J.K. asks from Phoenix

We just moved to the city and there are people who ask us for money everywhere we go. Going into Walmart people will tell their story about how they need help buying...


How Do I Plan a Trip to NYC from NC via Train?

M.M. asks from Raleigh

Right now my girls are tracked out from (year round) school and we have 2 weeks left of track out. I've been wanting to take the train to NYC and go sight seeing...


Supersize My .......

J.W. asks from St. Louis

I don't know how many have picked up on this news story about fast food workers protesting wanting 15 dollars an hour. There are a bunch of workers here getting thei...


Anyone Have a Positive Cop Story to Share?

A.M. asks from Phoenix

So there have been lots of negative stories about police in the media. I want to share a really great experience I had recently. My older son and I were in NYC. It...


How Do You Handle Your Toddler in the Playground? Am I Too Paranoid?

A.C. asks from New York

My friends think I'm too paranoid because I follow my 3 yr old wherever she goes in the playground. Not right next to her but I always know where she is. We go to t...


Charity to Pick up After Yard Sale

F.B. asks from New York

Can anyone help with the name of a charity which operates in NYC that will pick up what isn't sold at the end of a yard sale. My girlfriend is putting one on soon. A ...


Where Can I Take My Kids to Volunteer to Help the Needy?

A.M. asks from Dallas

I have been researching online all day and am having a difficult time finding opportunties for a 5 and 7 year old to participate in. Almost all have minimum age requi...


What Is Something Small That You Do to Try to Make a Difference?

K.C. asks from Cleveland

Hi what is something you do to try to make a difference? My two children and sporadically ( depending if they have colds or not..lately it always seems it colds or a...


Living in a bind....shared Housing

T.H. asks from New York

I decided to move to a new state from nyc for the betterment of my 2 children. My friend of several years opened her home to me and mine. As of today, we've been th...

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