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Changing Formulas

Nutramigen is nasty and expensive, so I am hoping enfamil lipil will work!! If he has bad feedings every third or fourth feeding, is this due to the formula ...

Milk Protein Allergy

So my son was on Nutramigen, but the doctor says that even ... Did u actaully try the nutramigen?? It is the only forumla that her little belly could ...

5 Month Old with Sever Congestion

As for formula alternatives, try Nutramigen. Below are portions of an article on ... Nutramigen and Alimentum, for example, can cost about $26 to $30 for a ...


It is the same thing as Enfamil Nutramigen, but made by Similac. ... So the pediatrician put him on Nutramigen. I think the whole premise behind it is that ...

Milk Allergy, Acid Reflux or WHAT???

Symptoms: Spitting up - a lot now that on Nutramigen, before it was ... Diarrhea - for a week, as of today (Was constipated until switching to Nutramigen) ...

Free Similac Isomil Advance Liquid and Nutamigen Powder

Read all 11 responses: "I have one- 8 oz Nutramigen powder can and four (4)- one quart bottles of Similac ... I found out that Nutramigen Liquid is the..."

Opinions on Nestle Good Start Formula

The best formula for those problems we thought was Nutramigen. We put both our babies on Good ... We tried all the others and finally went to Nutramigen. ...

Allergic to Soy-which Formula to Use? Anybody Else Have This Problem?

We had the same problem and Nutramigen is what we had to use. Ask the doctor for samples ... My son has problems with soy, so the Dr. put him on Nutramigen. ...

I Can't Afford Formula for My Baby

I too had to put my baby on Nutramigen and I concur with how expensive it is ... My son and now my 3 month old daughter have had to be on nutramigen too and ...

Gas Pains Are Making It Hard for My Daughter to Eat, Help!

Try the Nutramigen and Dr. Brown's bottles - they cut down on the air intake. For my first, and now my second, I get Nutramigen on ebay b/c it is ...
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