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Anyone Had Clogged Milk Ducts?

I read online to apply a warm compress before nursing, but it's still there. Nursing..." ... a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and fatigue. ...

8 Month Old Who Suddenly Is Refusing to Nurse

Sounds like a nursing strike. Rather than type out what you can do to fix it, I' ll send some links for you to read in ... Nursing School · school nursing ...

I Found My Calling

Highline CC used to have really good nursing school. ... There are a number of good nursing schools in the area so which one to attend should be based on ...

Seeking Mommy and Baby Classes

My kids and I made a lot of friends and it was also a great resource for mom questions like potty training, nursing, schools and more. Helpful? ...

Grandparents Need in Home Care

How about trying a local nursing school? Are you looking for an RN? If not, maybe a student who goes to school at night. If you need FT care, ...

Stressed About Going Back to School!

One thing you can do is check with some of the local nursing schools about what programs are available for women in your position. There is programs where ...

Should I Deliver at Spring Valley Hospital or Southern Hills Hospital in LV, NV

Nov 8, 2009 ... While in Nursing school I had the opportunity to do my labor and delivery clinicals at spring valley and was much more impressed with their ...

Should I Wean My 1 Year Old from the Breast?

I also had the feelings of wanting to wean when he was nursing 5x a night! .... There are degrees of weaning and there are things that can be done to ...

Encouraging a Breastfeeding Toddler to Wean

A few months ago, I tried just saying no to the night nursing, but after 3 ... early readers - son read at 3 and went on to schools for gifted children. ...

"Teaching My Almost 3-Year--old to Put Himself to Sleep Without Nursing."

Explain to him that nursing to sleep is no longer an option, (have heard a ... is as important to a baby and toddler as reading is to a school-age child. ...
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  • la leche league in 2 answers "Check out La Leche League (the Hillsboro meetings are on the first Monday of each ..."
  • la leche league in 2 answers "... situation, calm voice, soothing music, whatever she's used to. La Leche League ..."
  • no cry sleep solution in 3 answers "There's a great book called The No Cry Sleep Solution which outlines this method ..."
  • delivered at southern hills in 2 answers "I delivered at Southern Hills last year and had a great experience."
  • no cry sleep solution in 2 answers "Two books that helped me were "The no-cry sleep solution""