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Nursing Bra

(less abrasive than nursing pads) About a month before my son was born I went to a store called Firm Foundations and bought some more supportive high ...

Just Wondering...?!?!

I wore nursing pads for a couple days until my milk dried up and from what I have heard from other mothers there is nothing to worry about its normal! ...

Breastfeeding Troubles

I wore cabbage for a few weeks, switching them out when the leaves got warm and even sleeping with them in instead of nursing pads. IT WORKS. ...

Hyperlactation on Right Breast Only? Increasing Milk Supply on Left?!

What happens is i HAVE to breast feed on my right side first every time i nurse if i dont i soak through nursing padS and my bra and shirt, even if i only ...

Done Weaning

I put nursing pads on when I was weaning to catch all the leakage. I also put heat compresses so the engorgement pain won't be as painful. ...

Stopped Breastfeeding but Still Leak Milk

If it's a problem for you wear nursing pads to hide the leaks. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. J.H. answers from Rocky Mount on ...

What Goes into a "Hospital Bag"???

Make sure you pack nursing pads and stuff for the baby. My husband insisted on taking our moniter to the hospital because it played music and a light show. ...

Nursing Bras

It has a clasp in the middle that unhooks too that helps you from "falling out" when you sleep and keeps the nursing pads in as well. ...


You can wear them with or without nursing pads, they helped me with my leaking problem. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Nursing with One Side Only... (?!)

It seemed my right side was soaking through breast pads in as little as 1/2 an hour, ... Now, my son is just over a year old and still nursing just fine. ...
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