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Bottle to a Sippy Cup

There are some bottles that have a sippy lid that you can replace the nipples with. If that is not an option, maybe you could try a Nuby sippy cup? ...

Sippy Cup Solution

I have been using the Nuby, which I liked, until my daughter realized that ... I love the Avent Sippy Cups and Bottles. I've never had a problem with them ...

8 Month Old Refuses Bottle

My 11 month old loves the Nuby sippy cups. They do not have any valves just a soft top that is great for transition from bottle to sippy. ...

Recommendation on Bottles

If there aren't any concerns, I really like the Nuby products and bottles. The 11oz Nuby non-drip (3pk) ( ...

Transitioning from Bottle to Sippy Cup

Oct 30, 2009 ... We gave a son nuby sippy cups that still have a soft nipple like a bottle and then slowy transferred him to a playtex that is spill proff. ...

Bisphenol- a Free Bottles

I haven't tried Born Free bottles because of their price. I have found these Nuby bottles that are BPA free also. All the reviews complain about the nipples ...

Help Switching from Bottle to Sippy Cup

I used the Nuby brand sippy cups when I transitioned my son from bottle to cup because they have a soft, bottle like spout. I used that for about 6 months ...

Weaning 14 Month Old from the Bottle

I have a 14 month old baby who I am trying to wean from the bottle. ... I had this problem toowe found that the Nuby sports sippers did the trick for our ...

Removing Bottle from 14 Month Old

Oct 2, 2009 ... every wkk cut a hole in the nipple bigger and bigger....then after a few weeks get a nuby sippy cup that looks like a bottle..then a sippy cup. Helpful? ...

1 Year Old Hates Sippy cup...Need Ideas!

I used the "Nuby" sippy cups b/c the spout part is so similar to a bottle nipple . It's soft and flexible. Although I breastfed my daughter, the transition ...
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