not working while pregnant

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Could I Be Pregnant?

J.T. asks from Saginaw

I think that i might be preganant...My nipples are getting bigger and darker. I have been eating all the time and been having weird cravings, im tired through out the...


Could I Be Pregnant????

M.A. asks from Washington DC

I recently (12/18/2009)stopped my birth control(depo). Once I got off the shot, my period came 2 days later and I haven't seen my period since. I am having all the sy...


Pregnant Again!

K.L. asks from St. Louis

Hello! I just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant. My husband and I have a wonderful loving little boy who will be eight months on Sunday; so as you can imagine,...


Could I Be Pregnant?

D.W. asks from Atlanta

Okay, I have been suffering from what seems to be migraines for little over a week. I have an appointment with the neurologist tomorrow. Yesterday morning I had bl...


Could I Be Pregnant?

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey fellow Moms, Ok, I need some input here. I have been on a combination bcp since my baby stopped nursing in August. I nursed him for one year and did not have a...



S.B. asks from Milwaukee

My husband and I have been trying to concieve for about 6 months now. I am extremly regular, I am anywhere between 26-28 days on the dot. I am now at 33 days. I took ...


Pregnant or Not?

K.G. asks from Pocatello

Well, my husband and I have been trying for another baby for about 5 months now, and every month I've thought I was pregnant, just to be dissapointed. I was calculati...


Could I Be Pregnant?

J.G. asks from Spartanburg

I had a period on Nov. 6 but only lasted about 2 days and was just very light spotting nothing more. I am already one day late for my next cycle according to mymonthl...



S.S. asks from Cincinnati

I'm not sure if I could be pregnant or not and was wanting to get some feed back if you ladies don't mind :-) Normally my period ends the day I started the month bef...


Pregnant Again?

K.M. asks from Columbus

Hi, moms! I just found out last night that I'm pregnant for the second time. This is something I've wanted since my daughter was about 2 weeks old (she's now 11 mont...

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