not walking at 12 months

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Is it normal that my 17 months (toddler) is still not walking?

Read all 22 responses: "17 months and not walking" ... but our pediatrician told us that anywhere between 12-18 months was "normal" to begin walking. ...

16 Month Old Not Walking Much

C.S. answers from Minneapolis on May 12, 2009. Do NOT worry!! My daughter did not even crawl until she was 13 months....she started walking at about 15-16 ...

Not Walking or Talking

Read all 5 responses: "My 15 month old is not walking or talking yet. He babbles but doesn't really talk and he only walks ... 11 months old · 12 months old ...

Still Not Walking

When my daughter was 18 months old she still was not walking for me. ... Next question: 15 Month Old Not Walking ... 11 months old · 12 months old ...

Not Crawling, Not Walking

He father walked at 13 months, mom at 12 months. She has one paternal uncle who didn't walk ..... My 14 Month Old Is Not walking...should I Be Concerned? ...

14 Month Old Not Walking??

My son walked at 9 months and she is not even interested at 14 months..." ... The 'normal' range for walking is 10-14 months...she is not totally abnormal, however if she is not showing signs of walking ... 11 months old · 12 months old ...

15Mth Old Shows Not Interest in Walking

My 4th child walked at 12 months, but her brothers walked much earlier. .... My 14 Month Old Is Not walking...should I Be Concerned? ...

My 14 Month Old Is Not walking...should I Be Concerned??

Aug 5, 2009 ... I had one that walked at 12 months, one at 18 months and one at 16 ... If you're not comfortable with her not walking yet, I think you can ...

Ready to Potty Train but Not Walking Yet!

I don't have any advice about helping your baby walk since my only baby is 13 months and not walking yet, but he has been diaper free since he is 7 months ...

18 Month Old Still Not Walking

I have an 18 month old daughter who is not standing or walking by herself yet. We ruled out any structural problems with her hips and she was in physical ...
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  • gross motor skills in 2 answers "... child, she was showing a pattern of delayed developement in gross motor skills ..."
  • dont worry about the walking in 3 answers "... have received great advice about potty training. Don't worry about the walking ..."
  • fine motor skills in 2 answers "... your daughter is probably more focused on learning language or fine motor skills ..."
  • early intervention services in 2 answers "Each state has some kind of early intervention services that are FREE if the child ..."
  • no developmental delays in 2 answers "... where I wanted to go and then went to walking. I had no developmental delays."