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Advice for 2 Y/o with Severe Runny Nose

My 2 year old Haley came ito this world with a snotty nose We have seen her regular doctor an ENT an allergist etc Sometimes it is clear in color and ...

Schedule a Doctors Appointment?

Some of the symptoms may be a runny nose, congested cough, and crankiness. ... A . sounds like you might want to go ahead and take him to the doctor. ...

5 Year Old Won't Blow Her Nose

I use the nose syringe on her when I can catch her and i just get gobs of mucus and blood out. We are constantly taking her to the doctor to get checked ...

Very Active 4Yr Son with Nose Bleeding

My 11 yr old son has nose bleeds and my daughter, 8yrs old, gets them all the time. Doctors said it was okay and not to worry - they would probably grow out ...

Nose Bleeds

My parents took me to an ear nose and throat doctor and they ended up cauterizing the inside of my nose to build scar tissue. This was definetly not fun but ...

Styffy Nose

Sometimes one doctor from another group may see things differently and hit the ... We have used Clariton to clear up runny nose and cough and if you can ...

Concerned About My Son's Bloody Nose

He only bleeds like that when his nose has been hit. I am not big on Doctors; we only go when absolutely necessary, but now I am wondering if I should have ...

Toddler Stuck a Raisin in Her Nose

The items never came out and about a week later I smelled awful from the food that was going bad in my nose. I had to go to the doctor to get them removed. ...

Long Term Runny Nose for a 1 Year Old

My doctors are on vacation till next week which is when I have an appointment. My request is for any input from anyone who has had a child with a runny nose ...

Sudden Nose Bleed for 2 Year Old

My baby (who is now 34) has been having nose bleeds the majority of her life. She would usually wake up with blood on her pillow. I took her to the doctor ...
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  • nostril and blow in their mouth in 2 answers "But they also told us to plug the opposite nostril and blow in their mouth."
  • plug the opposite nostril in 2 answers "But they also told us to plug the opposite nostril and blow in their mouth."
  • weak immune system in 2 answers "... of all my twins were born very early, so they have a very weak immune system ..."
  • chronic runny nose in 2 answers "... the doctor ask about allergies as this can be the cause of a chronic runny nose ..."
  • bloody noses in 11 answers "I used to have a lot of bloody noses too, some were the kind where they had to hose ..."