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Question for Women Who Experienced Frequent Headaches During Pregnancy

The adjustments also helped with normal pregnancy probs(siatic nerve-spelling?, back pain etc ..... Both symptoms are from the hormomes. Good luck! Helpful? ...

Early Pregnancy Cramping

More than likely though, it's just a normal part of early pregnancy. ... They said it was normal, and said they typically don't see moms for those symptoms ...

Morning Sickness and Other Pregnancy Symptoms

Fist of all, has anyone else experienced pregnancy symptoms much earlier with thier .... My first was a boy & I had a fairly "easy" pregnancy w/"normal" ...

Vanishing Pregnancy Symptoms?

I never had early symptoms of pregnancy. I have two children that in the early .... My pregnancy with my son was pretty normal, except that it ended with an ...

Breast Tenderness/early Pregnancy Honest

This is my second pregnancy. I am having next to nothing for symptoms which kind ... Totally normal. I guess after the first time your breasts are already ...

9 Weeks Pregnant and Had Blurred Vision

I think it's pretty normal. Pregnancy can be tough sometimes. ... dizzy and couldn't see or walk straight - turns out it was just early pregnancy symptoms. ...

Deer Tick Bite in Pregnancy

I had a normal pregnancy and my son is 1yr old and is healthy and wreaking havic on my .... But be aware if you have any symptoms such as fever, joint pain, ...

5 Weeks Pregnancy Cramps

It could be a stomach or gastro thing, but do not mess around with symptoms that are not normal to your pregnancy. A good OB (even a mediocre OB has time ...

Signs of Pregnancy

After the baby was born, my cat went back to being normal. ... I did not have any symptoms of pregnancy, but one day something just told me to take a test, ...

Moms of Multiples: What Were Your Symptoms!?

Can any moms that have had twins tell me their pregnancy symptoms or any ways ... and when they measured my stomach to see how I was growing all was normal. ...
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  • few days after my missed period in 2 answers ":) This pregnancy, I didn't take a test until a few days after my missed period but ..."
  • they did an ultra sound in 2 answers "When I was there they did an ultra sound even though the baby was too small to see."
  • pregnancy test and sure enough in 2 answers "Before we reached 2 weeks I took a pregnancy test and sure enough it said positive."
  • blurred vision in 5 answers "I would get blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, and lots of vertigo all of which ..."
  • another ultra sound in 2 answers "... by 7 and 1/2 weeks I went back to the doctor and they did an another ultra sound."