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What Is a Good Christening Gift?

A.C. asks from Boston

I am invited to a very good friend's son's christening. I won't be able to attend but would like to send a gift. I do not know what is an appropriate gift to give. ...


Christening Present for 18 Month Old?

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Moms, My friend is christening her 18 month old daughter in a couple weeks.. She's only having family go and taking family out to dinner... I don't know an "app...


Godparent Responsibilities, in a Not Overly Religious Family?

N.B. asks from Minneapolis

Anyone been in this situation? What sort of "responsibilities" were expected or asked of you? If the bulk of the family (extended and otherwise) only have limited rel...


Christining Gift

C.S. asks from New York

Hello, A dear friend of mine recently had a baby boy and she is having a christining party for him. I am not a catholic so I am not sure as to what to give for a gi...


Need Ideas for Baptismal/Christening Gift

D.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, We have a Baptism to go to this Saturday and I have no idea what kind of gift to get. It is for a little girl about 6 months old. Does it have to be a rel...


Gifts for Godparents

L.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Moms, I am about to deliver my second child and have a question about the proper protocal for Godparents. My first child's Godparents are family so it was a non-...


Present for a Bris?

A.B. asks from Chicago

I am attending my first bris (Jewish circumcision ceremony) next week. Do I need to buy a gift? If so, does anyone have any suggestions?!?


Godparent Duties?

S.E. asks from Chicago

My college roommate has asked me to be the godmother for her little girl. I'm very excited about this as we are like sisters. I would like to make this "duty" speci...


Greek Orthodox Baptism

R.T. asks from Rochester

Hello Everyone, I have some questions about my son's upcoming baptism. My husbands family is Greek Orthodox and that is what we are choosing for our sons baptism....


Born Again VS. Greek Orthodox

C.V. asks from Tampa

Im not wanting to get anyone upset, or do i want a "mine is better than yours" situation. This is my problem and i want to be repectful in both areas. My hubby's ...

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