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My 13 Month Old Won't Sleep Through the Night

A night light and a teddy bear can help him feel at ease also. Then he's on his own. I hope this helps but I know no parent likes to hear their baby cry but ...

Advice Regarding Night Terrors

A night light helps because when you are awake in your dream, you see things layered over what is really there...if that makes sense. If it's a bit lighter ...

My Almost 4 Year Old Wakes up Through Out the Night

We've tried night lights, flashlights, you name it. Has any one had similar issues? Any ideas would be great. Respond to Question. What can I do next? ...

2 1/2 Yr Old Won't Sleep Through the Night Anymore - Help!

We have tried rewards, punishments, asking her why she's getting up, asking her to stay in bed at night, different night lights, music at night, ...

My Kids Won't Sleep!

We have tried a fully dark bedroom, as well as one with three nightlights. We've tried leaving the door open, and keeping it closed, we've tried sitting ...

Getting My Son to Sleep Through the Night??

Just wanted to send you something on "night lights". There is a real cute product, a turtle constellation night light which is real great, from ...

Non Toxic Flea Removal?

Find a place in most rooms where you can put a night light close to the floor ( the only huge expense is night lights, though even a few will make a huge ...

My Daughter Is Scared

I totally agree with the night lights and the "monster spray". It works for us. I carry a lavender "monster spray" at my shop, Opal'z in Palo Alto. ...

7 Year Old Still Wetting at Night and Accidents During Day

make sure you put out some night lights for her. NO CAFFIENE before bed or at dinner time. this makes everything worse. I don't limit fluids, but i usually ...

Does Anyone Out There Have Trouble Sleeping at Night?

There are lots of things you need to know about sleep like: In order to make melatonin your sleeping area needs to be dark, not dark with night lights, ...
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