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What's the Problem with My Newborn??

S.P. asks from Salt Lake City

I'm new to the mom thing, this is my first baby she is 4 weeks old. She has had really bad congestion tons of mucos in the back of her throat that started a couple of...



I.Y. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter delivered her little girl on Oct.1st! Weighing 5 lbs. She has already gained 7 ounces.But as a Grandma, my concern is that she seems to have the baby not ...


What to Do with Newborn

J.K. asks from Philadelphia

Hi ladies, quick question - we are attending a birthday party this weekend and there will be a dj there. my problem is that we have to bring my 9 week old and i'm...


Newborn Bowel Problems

C.C. asks from Philadelphia

my newborn grunts groans and cries when having a bowel movement why is that?


Newborn Grunting While Sleeping

M.R. asks from Chicago

Anyone else experience this - their newborn grunting while sleeping? I don't recall my first child doing this. Is this something that is common for some newborns an...


Reading Recommendations for Newborn Babies

S.M. asks from New York

I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on books to read to my newborn...Goodnight Moon is driving me crazy! Lol, Thanks all! :)


Bloody Teardrops in a Newborn

M.S. asks from San Francisco

My newborn had blocked teardrops, and is now producing tears but we noticed a bloody teardrop. Is this cause for concern? Should we see a doctor?


Newborn Night Clothes

L.F. asks from Louisville

Now that it is getting colder out to I need to dress my newborn in fleece pj's? Or is she fine to keep wearing cotton ones? I worry about freezing her! :-)


Newborn Hair Falling Out

S.D. asks from Dallas

Hello Mamas: I know this may seem silly since I have four children but here goes...This is my only child to have hair as a newborn, all my other children were bald. ...


Blood in Newborn Stool

E.L. asks from Los Angeles

I have a call in to pediatrician and I am waiting to hear back. My six week old girl had a small bit of blood in her poop. My mom thinks this is normal for newborn gi...

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