newborn throwing up after eating

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My Ten Month Old Keeps Vomiting! Help!

She is cutting her to top teeth, but her doctor assured me that would not make her throw up. It also seems that she only does it after she eats veggies, ...

Vomiting 20 Month Old

My future mother-in-law says "kids are always throwing up" (she has 3 grown kids , ... He used to poo out whole raisins, and vomited one time about 12 hours after eating cereal with pureed raisins in I .... My son threw up a lot, too. Usually more after he ate (projectile type! ... Lactose Intolerant Newborn ...

Newborn with Horrible Gas

It calmed my oldest immediatly, and about 5 minutes after having it my 2nd son would .... However you didn't mention any throwing up episodes and my son ..... you could try not eating any gas-producing foods if you're breastfeeding at ...

Finding the Right Formula for a 5 Month Old

I really think you should talk to the doc throwing up is different than spitting up .... but i saw that it was too thickand she cried a lot after eating it ...

Breastfed Newborn W/ Stinky Gas

I would follow up with the babies doctor if any other symptoms come up. ... My doctor said I would figure out after a while what foods that I eat that will ... If you are breast feeding then it could be what you are eating that isn't ...

Need Information on Newborn with Blood in Stool

My sisters baby girl was born 5 lbs 10 oz was throwing up and also had blood in her stool. ... My newborn also had blood in his stool at about 3 weeks old. ...

My 3 Week Old Infant Is Vomiting Yellow Bile...

Healthy Eating · Healthy Snacks · Juice & Milk · Limiting Sweets & Sugar · Liquids ... My 2yr old started throwing up when she started Enfamil (at 2mos of age). ... when he was really little and he threw up bright yellow bile, it was after he had thrown up everything else in his stomach. ... Newborn with Hiccups ...

Baby Spitting Up

Once again, about 2-3 hours after eating he started throwing up again. Our pediatrician explained that rice .... Next question: Newborn Spitting up Problems ...

3 Week Old , Spitting up Constantly Even an Hour After feeding...any Advice

Read all 42 responses: "I have a 3 week old newborn that I am ... As far as spitting up after eating, it is expected that they do spit up a larger amount ...

Cradle, Bassinet or Co-Sleeper? Which Is Best for My Newborn?

We wanted something that would not take up a lot of room and be useful for a long ... crib to throw his clothes in after the laundry is done to be put away. ...
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