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New Sibling Due to Arrive - Ideas for Adjusting for 2-Year Old?

Any ideas or suggestions on helping him adjust to the new addition to our family ? I..." ... It always helps to have small jobs for him to do. ...

15 Yr Stay-at-home Mom Needs Resume Advice/help

In the olden days I was a practicing CPA and helped a number of moms and/or people who had lost jobs find new careers. In your situation, there are a number ...

Is Anyone a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Coding is a great job because it is in demand and the hours can be flexible ( a lot of hospitals are offering a new perk: working from home)You can make ...

irresponsible...or Looking for a Better Way?

Sep 15, 2009 ... L.M. answers from New York on September 13, 2009. Hi, I've had jobs in the past where I felt that way sometimes but not all the time. ...

Seeking Handyman/person for Small Electrical Project

His name is Mike and does the exact kind of small jobs you need (plus bigger ... new front door put in, etc... done in our house over the past few years. ...

I Need Help... My Little Sister 16 Wants to Drop Out of Highschool

His aunt has a new car, new job and a place to live out there for him. They are talking about marriage... GOD, when did this all happen? what am I going to ...

"New Baby and a 22 Month Old Son"

How can I get him adjusted to a new baby? I tell him all the time that there ..... all that I could - within reason - and give him little helper jobs to do. ...

Taking Child Out of State

Oct 6, 2009 ... Now if you had a job and a better lifestyle in a new area then you can petition the court to allow you to move if the dad says no. ...

Career Counseling for Stay at Home Moms

(So far no good jobs for me). I have an associate degree and several ... I would like to go back to school and take some classes or even start a new career, ...

Medical Transcription

Nov 21, 2009 ... I work at a hospital and those jobs rarely come open that often. ... and new rules), the jobs will most like get fewer and fewer. ...
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