negative pregnancy test

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Pregnancy Test

K.V. asks from Grand Rapids

ok so i took a clearblue pregnancy test, but the stick that i have has 2 parts where lines show up, but the box doesnt say anything about the second part, when i took...


Negative Pregnancy Test but I Just Know How I Am Feeling...

B.S. asks from Casper

Ok first off let me give you some background on me...I have a little boy who didnt show up on a blood or urine test I had to be rushed to the ER because I was having ...


Pregnancy Test

C.J. asks from Minneapolis

Okay I have been on implanon for 2 years now, I have took three positive home pregnancy test and one negative I went to the doctor for a blood test they did the posit...


Pregnancy Test

R.W. asks from San Antonio

Is there a pregnancy test that will provide accurate results, without waiting for a missed period? Not sure, if my medication is making me experience common side effe...


False Negative on Home Pregnancy Test?

S.C. asks from Tulsa

I'm extremely disappointed and confused about now. My period was due on March 28th, no period...I feel nauseous and have tender breasts...I just feel pregnant...but ...


Late Period, Negative Pregnancy Test

J.S. asks from Phoenix

My period is two and a half weeks late! I stopped nursing about 6 months ago and my periods were finally back to normal the previous month. I figured all would be n...


Feeling Pregnant with a Negative Test

J.K. asks from Pittsburgh

I know this might sound wierd. I feel pregnant but am getting negative tests. Has anyone had this with their pregnancy? I had light bleeding on 9\6 and I've taken 3 t...


Negative Test, No Period, What's Up?

A. asks from Chicago

I know this is posted often but in my VERY distracted state I can't seem to find anything...I am 4 days late (and normally you could set a clock to me). Took the EPT...


Late Period, but Negative Test.........

K.C. asks from Boise

So silly question. I am 2 days late. I have always been regular, every 25 days. Very good chance I could be prego, since we have done nothing to prevent it. I have 2 ...


Could Nursing Cause a Negative Test?

R.A. asks from Peoria

I know this sounds weird but I'm not sure. I'm nursing my 10 month old still and the last two weeks I have been bloated, nauseous, smells bother me and my nipples hav...

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  • show up on a blood test in 2 answers "... know how our bodies feel and all too often, if it doesnt show up on a blood test ..."
  • stopped taking the pills in 2 answers "... S., 1st part- The bleeding you had after you stopped taking the pills ..."
  • days after conception in 2 answers "... it, the blood tests generally can't detect until about 11 days after conception ..."
  • first morning urine in 2 answers "If you can, wait a day or two and take the test again with first morning urine."
  • false negatives in 2 answers "It's very possible to have false negatives."