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Missed Period, Negative Preg. Test

I've also had late periods and lots of negative pregnancy tests when I ... Pregnancy test are known for giving a false negative, but never a false positive . ...

Feel Pregrnant but the Test Shows Negative

Read all 5 responses: "I feel positive that I'm pregnant but I took 2 in home pregnancy tests and they both came out negative. With my first pregnancy, ...

Think I Am Pregnant but Pregnancy Tests Coming Back Negative

Read all 6 responses: "I am always on schedule and this month, I am 2 days late. I took 2 pregnancy test, 1 last night and 1 today, but both are coming back ...

Best Pregnancy Test for Early Detection?

*i took an early detection test with my daughter, negative... then a couple days later ... No Period for 7 Days, and 3, Yes 3, Negative Pregnancy Tests. ...

Walgreens Digital Pregnancy Test Question

I bought the same WalGreens preg gave me a negative, ... I am chuckling since my last pregnancy occurred at age 44 (suprise blessings DO happen). ...

Where do I get a more accurate pregnancy test?

Anyway...that negative pregnancy test was born 9 months later! ... I took a pregnancy test with my first son and it came back negative, I threw it away. ...

Pregnancy Tests

As the other posters said, a false negative is very possible. Believe it or not, the pregnancy tests sold at the dollar store are some of the most sensitive ...

Blood Test to Determine Pregnancy

Aug 10, 2009 ... Both pregnancies I took urine tests that came out negative (the day my period was to start), both times I really was pregnant. ...

Late Period but Negative Pregnancy Tests

Read all 9 responses: "Hey Everyone: My husband and I started trying for our first son in the summer of 2006 and it took a little while to get pregnant and ...

False Positive Pregnancy Test

I was late so I took a pregnancy test and it came..." ... pregnancy test positive then negative · false negative pregnancy test · false negatives with first ...
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