negative pregnancy test still pregnant

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Could I Be Pregnant?

I have taken a pregnancy test just a little while ago and it came out negative. Any thoughts or suggestions? Could I possibly be pregnant? ...

Period Hasn't Started but Have Negative Pregnancy Test Results!

You have to wait at least one month before taking a pregnancy test and yes you still could be pregnant even if the home test shows up negative. ...

Home Pregnancy Tests

Even if one is faded a little, it is still a positive result. Almost every time I have done a .... pregnancy 15 weeks · pregnant but negative pregnancy test ...

Feel Pregnant but Tests Are Negative

I once had negative pregnancy tests for over a month, and it took a blood test ... My second pregancy I knew I was pregnant,yet tests still showed negative. ...

Different Pregnancy Test Results-Any Ideas on Why?

I had a chemical pregnancy and am no longer pregnant. ... Its still a line. Seems way more likely to me that the one negative test is the defective one and ...

Expired Pregnancy Test--accurate?

To my great delight, I just got a positive pregnancy test (Clear Blue Easy, ... My bet is you are pregnant! Congratulations! Yeah,babies are so much fun! ... I only once used an expired test (one month expired) and it was negative and ...

On BC and Completely Missed Period, EPT Came Back negative..but Still Wondering

My husband and I are on ther verge of TTC but we are still currently "on the pill". ... If the test is negative you probably aren't pregnant, but I would make sure ... I do know someone who had a negative at home pregnancy test but was ...


Get the pregnancy test that actually spells it out--pregnant, not pregnant. .... Hopefully you still are, but since you have taken 2 negative tests since ...

"Slightly" Positive Pregnancy Test??

I think it was pure luck that we got pregnant on the first..." ... Pregnant? 34 · 1 Positive & 1 Negative Pregnancy Test? ...

Last LMP Was 6/21 and Now Negative Pregnancy Test??

Don't give up hope, because you could still be pregnant and not know it yet! Helpful? ... 5 Days Late but Negative Pregnancy test...what Could Be Going On? ...
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