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Time Outs

We put him in the "Naughty Chair" for time out. It is a chair in the dining room . ... I always tell him why he is being put in the "Naughty Chair" so he is ...

Disciplining a 20 Month Old

She does not need to be punished because she is not beingnaughty She is just really smart and active She isnt old enough to understand the dangers Just take ...

Tickled by the Idea of Timeouts

I am not an expert by any means but Ill give you my opinion My son is 19mo & is usually very well behaved However I have introduced him to thenaughty ...

5 Year Old OUT of CONTROL

Another book we got wasHow to Raise Your Spirited Child I think it helped us as parents get some perspective on our energetic but NOT naughty child It ...

Almost 3 Year Old Challenging Behavior

... specifically what he cant doone warning and what will happen if he continues to do wrong I used thenaughty spot for my daughteralso three and for three ...

My Son Is Throwing Food and We Can't Get Him to Stop!

... not him Children know when they are being naughty and if we let them it sends the message that we dont love them enough to stop them from being naughty ...

What About Time Outs?

... boy sometimes he bites and pulls hairhis worst habbit is throwing toyshes got quiet and arm i tell him no and that is naughty and i know he understands ...

1 Year Old That Changed Sleep/care Routine!! Screams "MA MAMA MA" ALL DAY!

It is not naughty, it is just part of this age. He is starting to really test ... As for the mama, mama all day long....souonds like your son is just going ...

How to Start "Time Out"

Ive also learned that leaving a child after telling them theyve been naughty putting himher in timeout sends a message of parental abandonment in response ...

Screaming 2 Yo and Dropping Dishes

Oct 15, 2009 ... That's where Mama and Daddy step in. We need to vocalize for them what .... The Supper Nanny designates a "naughty step" or "naughty chair". ...
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