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I don't want to use harsh chemicals because we have a toddler, and we use " natural" products in our home. Does this mean I have to live with the pests? ...

Natural Insect Repellent Suggestions

I use natural products as much as possible and love the burt's bees line. I have also used Avon's Skin So Soft. I find they do a so-so job of keeping the ...

Problem W/ Johnson's Head to Toe Wash

I just recently switched from Johnson's to a natural product. I did this after seeing a report on the news about baby products containing chemicals that ...

Natural/homemade Cleaner for Bathroom Sink, Esp. Shaving Cream Residue

I shop at a company that makes natural cleaning products,no harsh chemicals or abrasives. Contact me for more information. ...

Need Breast Surgery/biopsy While Breastfeeding.

There are natural products that has helped other ladies with the shrinkage and even disappearance of lumps in their breasts. I don't know if this will help ...

Toddler-safe, Natural Sunscreen and Bug Spray?

Cactus Juice products are all natural and I've been using them on my toddler ... Both good natural products. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...

D&C Vs. "Natural" Miscarriage? Your Advice Needed...

I actually have had both, a D & C and a natural miscarriage. I wouldn't want either one ... Edith T added this item : Skincare products are always a hit. ...

Seeking Safe Cleaning/disinfectant Products

Not easy. i just went through that. so i currently have some cleaning products that are homemade after a consultation with a lady that cleans with natural ...

Natural Cures for Sore Throat

That's a natural product, good for a lot of different troubles. Online there's Homecure, which offers Colloidal Silver products. Helpful? ...

Natural Sunscreen - Seeking a General Discussion & Suggetions

I think it is important to state that no natural products, no sunscreen, no amount of avoiding sunlight guarantees that you will not get skin cancer. ...
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