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Always Stuffy Nose

To clear her nose try the Nosefrida ( and the BeBe Sounds Nasal Aspirator (it even plays music)! The combo really dd goes and ...

7 Month Old with a Cold

Make sure that you continue to use lots of saline and nasal aspirator. you probably noticed all of the mucus that she has. Just keep sucking it out esp ...

What Can I Give My One Year Old for His Cold?

Sep 16, 2009 ... Nasal aspirator - nose, she didn't like it but I swear it helps keeping the nose cleaned out. Boogie Wipes - for wiping her nose, ...

Three Month Old with Cold

so I'm not worried about dehydration. I took the advice to use a nasal aspirator and that helps her breath for a few hours =) Thanks! ...

1 Year Old Who Now Hates Diaper Changing Time

It has a medicine dropper, a nasal aspirator, a medicine spoon. ... I blow air in his face with the nasal aspirator and he loves it. ...

Daughter Has Cold Symptoms

He has had no fever so I have been using the "little noses" infant saline nose spray and his nasal aspirator to clean his nose out. ...

My Daughter Can't Blow Her Nose!

We used the nasal aspirator on him when it was really bad. After a couple of times he has figured out the difference between pulling it in and blowing it ...

Is This Mucus Normal? My Doctor Blew It Off.

I used the nasal aspirator so he could breath well enough to nurse. All night he snored, choked, and woke because of this nasal congestion. ...

How Do I Clear Out the Mucus?

I have tried using Ocean Drops and the nasal aspirator and that helps to clear out what he has in his nasal cavities. Put a drop or two of the Ocean Drops ...

We Have Our First Green Buggers!!

I try to get them out with the nasal aspirator and She only has a temp of 99.5. She's definitely not very happy. i did give her a little of childrens ...
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  • use saline nasal drops in 2 answers "You can also use saline nasal drops and bulb suction to help clear up his nose."
  • vicks vapor rub in 3 answers "... dosage to my daughter at 1 years of age, and then at night put vicks vapor rub ..."
  • use the nasal aspirator in 2 answers "I will put a few drops in my sons nose before I use the nasal aspirator which helps ..."
  • infant vapor rub in 2 answers "It got so frustrating. The infant vapor rub is totally safe."
  • vapor rub works in 2 answers "old little girl and the vapor rub works wonders."