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Next Car Seat

Best known for being a narrower seat that works well if you need to fit 3 carseats across a bench seat in your car. Retails for about $200 ...

16 Mo Boy Getting a Little Brother - Do I Need a Double Stroller?

My Maclaren was easy to maneuver, narrow enough to fit through single doors .... The front part can be used with the Sit 'n' Stand carseat and when the baby ...

18 Mos Old and New born...double Stroller, Side by Side or Front/back????

We left our baby in the car seat and just set it in the back seat of the .... I know the side-by-sides at hard to manuvor through doors, and narrow isles. ...

Suggestions for First Airplane Ride Just Me and My 2Yr Old

Car Seat: this depends on if you are flying international or domestic and the duration of the flight. Domestic is much narrower so our car seat did not fit ...

Non-minivan Suggestions for 3 Car Seats

We went to USA Baby and they have a car seat specifically made to help with this issue. It is narrower than the normal car seat and has a high back. ...

Double Stroller

I would like one that I can click the infant car seat in, and that isn't too ..... It was the narrowest side by side stroller I could find at the time (May ...

Looking for Experienced Users of Convertible Carseats and What You Recommend

I have taken the car seat training course and really, every company has to follow ..... These are the narrowest seats on the market, but have the highest ...

What Car Seats Do You Have Your Children In?

As the other mom noted, it folds for travel and is narrow for easily fitting more than .... T., here is a Web Site that shows you all carseat guidelines. ...

Carseat Help

We have an Alpha and Omega Elite carseat but I'm not too happy with it and ... Kia hatchback I like the Radian 65 Its MUCH narrower than other convertibles ...

Double Stroller Advice

I love that I can use the car seat carrier with it. ... Sometimes getting it through some older,narrower doorways can be tricky, but we've learned to manage ...
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