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Need to Fit Three Car Seats Next to Each Other

Read all 12 responses: "Does anyone know of any narrow car seats? ... The narrowest car seat we have found is the Sunshine Kids Radian 80. ...

Looking for a Narrow Base and Baby Carseat

When I had my second they were right next to each other in the car and they didn 't bother each other while we were driving. If you know of a good narrow ...

Advice on a Convertible Car Seat

It's also the narrowest car seat on the market. When my friend put her third forward-facing car seat in the back of her small car, the doors wouldn't shut ...

Seeking Car to Fit Three Carseats!

Oct 1, 2009 ... I bet all three car seats would fit on the back seat! ..... FYI, the Sunshine Kids Radians are the narrowest seats on the market. Helpful? ...

Anyone Drive a Saturn Outlook???? Three Carseats????

Its also the most narrowest car seats on the market right now. There is also the Britax Charperon $230. Its new to the market. The seat goes to 32lbs. ...

How to fit 3 car seats in a 2 rows SUV?

Sorry I don't have any specifics, but someone I know was talking about some newer model car seat that has a much narrower base. It might be easier to invest ...

Affordable Side-by-side Double Stroller?

I liked it because it's the narrowest stroller out there. It'll fit through any ... side by side double stroller · best double stroller · narrowest car ...

3 Car Seats in a CRV?

Radian is the brand name..... they make a very narrow sturdy car seat that would probably work great. I know what you are dealing with because we have five ...

Car Seat for a Large Toddler

Apr 20, 2009 ... We have to get a new car seat to accommodate her. ... most room RF compared to other convertibles. its also the narrowest seat on the market ...

Best "Small" Car Seats to Fit in Vehicle

The Sunshine Kids Radian is the narrowest carseat that I know of. There are others that puzzle well next to eachother. Check out for tons of ...
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