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Need "Super Nanny" for Toddlers, I Am Going to Be Picky This Time

I might be able to use your current nanny. I have a 3 month old baby and a 4year old that is fairly easy going. I really need help as I am trying to work ...

Nanny Interview Questionnaire

If the link doesn't work, google "nanny questions". I recommend you do a background and credit check. If you need the nanny to drive, check the license, ...

Average Rate for a Nanny in Chicago

In my last job as a nanny to a 10 months old baby, I charged $10 an hour. I used to work about 26 hours a week with this family. ...

Going Rate for Nannies

I am looking for some ideas re: what is reasonable to pay a nanny for ... She is 29, holds a college degree (in English) and was looking for part time work. ...

Typical Wage Salary for a Nanny?

I am back to work full-time and am completely clueless by the nanny choices. I have found someone that I think would be wonderful but I have no idea what a ...

Should We Pay Our Nanny While She Is on Vacation?

Being she is such a GOOD RELIABLE Nanny... then I would work something out with her. Fairly. Even if it just half-pay. BUT, she did get you a "replacement. ...

Nanny Sick Leave Deliemma

If you either resolve this with her or hire a new nanny, one thing to consider is to codify how sick days work. I used to work for a big company, ...

Severance for Nanny?

I have employed my current Nanny for approximately 2 mo. In that time she has had 6 paid holidays, and I have never asked her to stay late or work weekends, ...

Help Choosing a Nanny

Personally, I think it's harder to nanny for kids when parents are home. YOu would probably want to describe how that would all work with you at home. ...

Looking to Be a Nanny to Family In/near Lewisville Area!

I am looking to nanny for a family! I am a certified elementary teacher with credits towards my Masters degree in ... nanny work · elementary teacher ...
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  • your current nanny in 5 answers "I might be able to use your current nanny."
  • dollars 10 hour in 3 answers "We did a little checking and settled on $10 / hour for a nanny that would bring her ..."
  • going the nanny route in 2 answers "We are considering going the nanny route and are very curious to know what the going ..."
  • dollars 12 hour in 2 answers "None made under $12/hour."
  • dollars 15 hour in 2 answers "I made $15/hour and received $100 per month towards benefits."