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Pay for Nannies?

Read all 4 responses: "I am looking into hiring a nanny + househelper starting August 1st. What are people out there paying their nannies + househelpers?

Great Nanny/tutor Needs a Family/families

Read all 5 responses: "I have a wonderful nanny that we don't need any more. She is available part-time right now and full time in the summer.

Nanny Pay

Read all 6 responses: "Our nanny is pregnant, and once the baby is born she wants to bring her kid along to watch mine.. Should I decrease her pay if she is ...

Looking for a Part-time Nanny

Read all 4 responses: "I am due to deliver my son in a week or so and was wondering about what agencies anyone would recommend through good experience.

Nanny Pay Rate

Read all 6 responses: "Hello all. I recently came into a wonderful job that would allow me to bring my 9mos old daughter. I have my early childhood degree ...

My Toddler Prefers My Nanny - Too Late for Attachment Parenting????

Read all 14 responses: "I dont know what to do. I have the most amazing, interactive nanny, and now my toddler wants nothing to do with me!

Vacation Pay for Part-time Nanny?

Oct 16, 2009 ... Read all 8 responses: "Our nanny comes in ONE DAY A WEEK for 7 hours. It's a specific day of the week, and she keeps it just for us.

Average Rate for a Nanny in Chicago

Read all 8 responses: "Hello, I am interviewing a nanny Monday and was wondering if anyone could tell me what is a decent rate per hour? Thanks"

Bump on Gums

I am a nanny for a dentist and I know when you are older, that is a sign for an absess. Other people have said that it's can be harmless but I would ...
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  • called an epstein pearl in 2 answers "If it's a shiny small bump, it may be something called an Epstein pearl, which is ..."
  • dollars 15 hr in 2 answers "People with your qualifications can often go up to $15 hr."
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  • your qualifications in 3 answers "People with your qualifications can often go up to $15 hr."
  • what the going rate in 2 answers "Just a thought...find out what the going rate is for daycare in your area for 3 one ..."