my toddler has had diarrhea for a week

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Toddler with Continual Vomiting

Not to scare you, but my son was sick for a week with this - he had the Roto Virus. .... My 20 Month Old Has Diarrhea for 4 Days Now, and Loss of Appetite! ...

Wondering If Any Mom's Have Seen These Symtoms?

Aug 22, 2009 ... My 21 month old has had a pretty bad case of diarrhea for the last ... My 17 month old had bad diarrhea for about 45 days last week She was ...

20-Month Old Has Diarrhea and Horrible Diaper Rash

Read all 8 responses: "My twenty-month old has had diarrhea for about 3 weeks now. ... I'd at least call the doctor back every week that she's not better just to see if there's some sort of timeline that she .... Bad Toddler Diaper Rash ...

Temporary Milk Intolerance in a Toddler

Sep 1, 2009 ... Read all 9 responses: "My 15 month old son, who has been drinking ... other day The doctor told me it was toddler diarrhea and the vomiting ...

Diarrhea in 4 Month Old

Read all 26 responses: "My 4 month old has had really bad diarrhea for the last 2 days. ... My son has had it for almost a week. I just saw my Dr. Keep your baby hydrated, if on solids just do apple or .... Toddler with Case of Diarreah ...

Toddler Getting over Stomach Virus

I would say he's been ill for a week, give him two weeks to recover. ... Long after they quit throwing up they still had diarrhea and had no appetite. I couldn't figure out what ... My daughter has never been a BRAT diet eater either . ...

Bad Toddler Diaper Rash

Read all 77 responses: "My daughter has had the worse diaper rash off and on ... I thought the problem was the rash; I thought she had diarrhea and that the .... It took about a week for his bottom to heal. I wish you the best of luck! ...

Blood in Stools

Read all 9 responses: "I posted on here last week about my 22 month old son who seems ... uncommon for toddlers to get diarrhea for 2 weeks, which my son has had before. ... My daughter had diarrhea for almost a month, no blood though. ...

14 Month Old with Roto Virus

My son has been sick for a week - vomiting and diarrhea. ... My daughter had the rhota virus when she was twelve months old. .... Toddler Rotavirus Help ...

14 Month Old with Diarrhea

It works great and says on the label it is for infants and toddlers. ... had fevers that went away) and my friends child was in the hospital for a week! ... The diarrhea may not be related to a milk allergy. Our daughter has no milk ... When my daughter had diarrhea, I also gave her flat warm coke and ginger ale. ...
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