my toddler drinks a lot of water

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Toddler Constipation -- Help!

I started drinking a lot of water and my constipation went away and my .... Children are about 75% water and toddlers need between 24 and 36 ounces of water ...

How to Teach Your Child Use Zip Cup or Straw

Before whe I used bottle she drank a lot of water but now since I tried with ... We had a lot of luck getting my son to drink from a straw when we used the ...

How Much Milk Does a 14 Month Old Need? Please Help- Huge Debate in My Home!

When my daughter knows her only choice is water or milk, she generally picks milk 80% of the time. .... Getting My Toddler to Drink More Milk ...

Hints on Getting My 17 Month Old to Drink More Milk

Sep 1, 2009 ... Read all 24 responses: "Hi, My pediatrician recommends 16oz of whole milk a day for my 17 month ... Getting My Toddler to Drink More Milk ...

How Much Milk Does a 16 Month Old Need?

My daughter drinks zero, my oldest son only drinks chocolate milk, ... At their age, they can afford a lot of water consumption throughout the day. ... Another big problem is that toddlers who drink too much milk are often at risk for ...

Toddler Won't "Poop"

my son seemed to have the same problem when he was an infant. ... If your child drinks a lot of juice or sugary foods that will definitely constipate him. .... Water acts as a moisturized you would say for poo and helps it pass a little ...

Cleaning a Toddler Potty

Sep 17, 2009 ... i wash my daughters with soap and water then i spray it with dissinfectant ... actual rags their little bladders can hold A LOT 3 hours ago ...

3 Yr Old Girl Always Thirsty

If she's thirsty enough, she'll drink water. Just like, I'd hope, if she's always saying she's .... Next question: Does My Toddler Have a Drinking Problem? ...

My 3 Month Old Sweats All the Time, and His Temp Is normal..should I Be Worried

Read all 9 responses: "My son is three months old now and for the last ... My Son Drinks a LOT of Water Especially at Night ... My Toddler's Sweaty Head ...

Toddler Constipation

To get my toddler to drink more water, I started making him chamomile tea ..... I had a lot of problems with my daughter when she was younger (she is now 10 ...
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  • high fructose corn syrup in 2 answers "... I read online that Karo syrup (corn syrup, not high fructose corn syrup ..."
  • juices like apple in 2 answers "Water and warm juices like apple or prune (or a combo of both) should really help."
  • their teeth are just fine in 2 answers "... til a yr old my kids had their bottles in bed as well. Their teeth are just fine!"
  • 100 percent juice in 2 answers "... instead of wheat). When it's warmer out, offer her popsicles made of 100% juice ..."
  • mineral oil in 5 answers "... for us was eliminating dairy completely, and then having them take mineral oil ..."