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Does Anyone Still Have Pain and Numbness After Having C-section?

But I recovered much faster the second time, and now that my son is 22 months old, I can't remember my scar hurting at all for a very long time. ...

Pampers Cruisers Vs. Baby Dry-- Huggies Supreme Vs. Regular

My son wore Pampers Baby Dry and they were great, Huggies didn't work for him, he would leak BIG TIME! But now my daughter uses Huggies, either Supreme or ...

My 2 Boys Are Continuously Sick

We bypassed the dr and went to urgent care this time, my 2yr old now had an ear infection (while on antibiotics for the strep) and they said the baby was ...

1 Year Old Sleeping a Lot!

Sep 27, 2009 ... Every time my daughter now 18 months has gotten teeth she sleep even more then normal. Also for my daughter normal is around 12 hours at ...

Going Crazy with Such an Early Bedtime

Don't completely change the routine just gradually do it over time. My son now two goes to bed at 9:30 or 10 pm and wakes up between 8:30 and nine in the ...

3 Month Old with Rsv- Bronchilitis

i like another mom am having a hard time remembering- my now 8 yo daughter had it when she was about 8-12weeks - but at the same time that should make you ...

Looking for Maternity Leave Advice

If you are VERY lucky, the playdates will gradually evolve into grown-up time, too. Now that my oldest is 5, the playdates that he has with his very oldest ...

My Baby Cries When Left with Anyone but Me Including His Dad

My son is almost 2 now and he adores his daddy, but at that age we were in the same boat. He would cry the entire time I was gone. ...

Approaches to Teen's Poor Attitude

I'm a tea lover and I'm always better at talking to my family over a nice cup of tea. I used to make a cup at a time but now my boys join me often enough ...

17 Year Old "Step" Son Wants to Run Away

My stepdaughter is also going to become a school teacher. They just now figured that out. So give it some time, and patience, don't ride them and it will ...
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