my son woke up with a swollen eye

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Embarrassing Question About "Pests"

The next morning my son woke up with hives With in a few days he was running ... woke up one whole side of his face swollen and deep red His eye was swollen ...

Blocked Tear Duct SURGERY

We had same surgery for my son when he was about 18 months and I wish we had done it sooner! It went so well that after he woke up from the surgery, ...

5 Month Old Screaming at Night

My son has started screaming at night for the past three nights. ... Dr. Visits · Early Intervention · Eye Glasses · Eyes & Vision ... his gums dont need to be swollen for him to be teething. my ds was doing ... When my son was teething, I gave him Tylenol before bed for pain and when he woke up during the night. ...

2 Yr Old Complaining of Knee Pain – Could It Be More than Growing Pain?

She woke up one morning and when I lifted her from her bed and stood her on the ... The eye disease is the bigger concern for us and her now, .... Does his knee get swollen or warm? My daughter is 15 now but at first ... Now my son wakes up saying "mom, my growing pains hurt" I rub them and he goes back to sleep. ...

Leg Swelling After C-section

I woke up one morning and it looked like I was a regular person again ... My legs were so swollen up to my hips after a c-section with my son I could barely ...

Tooth Trouble!

But my girlfriends little guy fell when he was four and 1 and 1/2 years later he woke up to his face swollen and she called the dentist the teeth died and ...

Toddler Hurt His Leg

He woke up Monday morning and when I normally put him down to walk, he fell. .... When my son was three he fell off the bed and hurt his arm. ... Keep an eye on where he may be swollen so they can narrow in where to xray again. My son ...

Anyone Had Cellulitis?

I woke up this morning feeling much better and the redness and pain are subsiding a great deal. .... My son had periorbital cellulitis (meaning around the eye but not in the eye). ... Need Help with Swollen Foot ...

My 3 Year Old Is Limping

Apr 16, 2009 ... She woke up on Saturday morning and said her knee hurt and we noticed she was limping most of the morning..." ... Dr. Visits · Early Intervention · Eye Glasses · Eyes & Vision · First Aid .... A couple of years ago my son had the same thing. ... Next question: 9 Year Old with Swollen Fingers ...

There's a Sty in My Eye!

Today I woke up and there's a knot on my eyelid! It's the same one that was itchy and swollen, and according to my sister, it's a sty ... she told me of ...
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