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Enfamil Lipil Next Step

When my youngest was turning one I asked my Pediatrician the same question. He told me that she didn't need it and it was just another way that the formula ...

Barley Versus Oatmeal or Rice Cereal

I have 2 kids, and rice cereal is the one to go with according to my pediatrician. You should stay on this for about 5 days to make sure there is no ...

Rotavirus Vaccine Decision by Monday

My pediatrician, who I adore and respect, recommends it; says it's #1 thing he sends babies ...... My NYC pediatrician doesn't give the rotavirus vaccine. ...

Looking for a Good OB/GYN and Pediatrician

I use Dr. Peter Caruso for my OB/GYN and Dr. Joseph Kanarek for my pediatrician. They are both based out of St. Joseph Health Center (I-435 and State Line). ...

8 Month Old Bowel Movements like Balls

My pediatrician always said to include some baby food "pears" to the rice or oat cereal othewise the baby would become constipated. ...

Seeking Caring Pediatrician with Good Bedside Manner in Schaumburg Area

I live in Arlington heights, but have my pediatrician in Streamwood (off of ... Associates in Pediatrics, my daughters have been going there for 15 years. ...

When to start mixing infant cereal in with formula?

My pediatrician and most books I've read recommend around 4 mos. I just started my daughter on it a few weeks ago and she is 4 mos old. ...

Seeking Pediatrician Who Will Provide MMR in Separate Doses

My kids see Dr. Gardner at DuPage Pediatrics in Darien. ... My pediatrician did order the MMR shots separated out for me 2 years ago, but she has since run ...

Whole Milk

My pediatrician recommends no more than 8 oz a day of milk and only one other dairy product a day. The reason is that kids love dairy usually and would be ...

Pediatrician Says We Can't Get MMR Shot Broken Up

My pediatrician gives the shot at 15 months and said that I can hold off until 18 months if I feel more comfortable but they can't break up the shot because ...
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